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10 Astounding Tips on Writing Sales Copy That Converts


Any digital marketing agency offering local SEO services can help businesses drive traffic to their clients’ websites and boost sales. But, these marketing services generally have the same principles behind them. It’s all about sales copy.

Understanding what an SEO agency does and how social media management works are the keys to getting customers to buy your product or service. Since driving customers to convert through your sales copy is a big part of digital marketing, knowing the best strategies to write copy is critical.

Here are ten excellent tips on writing sales copy that converts.

1: Get Straight to the Point

Be sure to let your readers know immediately what you have to offer. You want to be as specific as possible with your product or service instead of presenting your company as a whole. So, each sales copy piece must have only one point to make.

For instance, an SEO agency would offer local SEO services. Search engine optimization may involve keyword strategy or competitor analysis. While both these examples are compelling subjects, focusing on a single service helps potential customers who specifically need either service.

Offering products or services with multiple marketable benefits just gives you more opportunities to create more sales copy. Each piece would focus on a single point that would appeal to specific customers.

2: Use Catchy Titles


Sales copy should start with a subject head before a customer even opens the email and reads the rest of your sales pitch. So, you want to entice readers as early as possible with catchy subject lines. Grab a customer’s attention by using intriguing language that gives readers a peek into what they would get by giving you more of their time.

Take this article for example. “10 Astounding Tips on Writing Sales Copy That Converts” must have been enough to catch your attention if you were looking for ways to improve your web content strategy. Once you open the article, you get exactly what you expected.

3: Be Succinct

Keep your copy as simple as possible. Simple copy does not mean dumbed down. Your sales copy is not a novel nor a thesis. Complicating things for your readers will surely turn them off from buying your product or service. Let them know clearly what you have and what they get when they pick your offer.

On a more technical side of writing succinct sales copy, avoid run-on sentences. Keeping your sentences short helps readers stay on your page and keep reading. Less is more when writing sales copy that converts.

4: Write for Your Audience

Knowing your audience is key to writing well. Once you know who you’re writing for, you can target them for your message. You are most likely to create a compelling copy when you know exactly whom you’re speaking to. So, a targeted audience makes writing easier.

If your company offers SEO services, your audience would include copywriters and content strategists. You can adjust your language to appeal to these people. So, you may include more technical terms in your copy.

Likewise, you must adjust your language for a general audience. If you sell standard products like home appliances or offer printing services, your audience is most likely regular people looking for those items or services. You wouldn’t want to get in-depth into each feature or process to win a general audience. You just have to assure them you can answer their problem.

5: Identify and Solve Pain Points

Once you know your audience, you must understand why they would want to read your copy. Identifying their pain points is a good start. Why would a person need SEO services? Is their website not getting enough traffic? Does their website appear on Google Search’s sixth page? You want to know what your audience is struggling with and be their solution.

6: Be Urgent

You want your audience to take immediate action. Giving your audience a sense of urgency by presenting a deadline is a common strategy most marketers utilize. This tactic explains special deals, one-time offers, and sales. So, consider playing off people’s sense of urgency by making limited-time offers and convincing them why now is the best time to patronize your product or service.

7: Be Conversational

Speaking to your audience as if you know them helps customers feel seen and heard. This strategy highlights the importance of knowing your audience. If your readers recognize their problems in your sales copy and notice how your product or service solves their pain point, you have better chances of winning them over and getting them to convert.

8: Use Persuasive Language

Persuasive language is all about your voice. Avoid passive voice when writing sales copy. Utilize active voice to let your audience know that your products and services take action.

Consider this sentence in the passive voice: “Our client’s problems were solved by our seasoned experts.” We can convert this into a more persuasive form by using the active voice: “Our seasoned experts solved our client’s problems.”

Not only is the active sentence more swaying but it’s also shorter by two words and eight characters (with spaces). This tip aligns with getting straight to the point and being succinct.

9: Share Results, Not Features

Results speak louder than features. Give your audience an idea of how each component works instead of just saying what your product or service includes. Remember, your sales copy is not a product page where you would list amenities or utilities. You want to hook your readers into learning more about the product by highlighting what the features do.

For instance, SEO services aim to help companies get more web traffic. If you could include data showing how your services improved one of your client’s online presence, you would be more convincing.

10: End With a Call-to-Action

Your audience should know exactly what to do next after going through your sales copy. A clear call-to-action will do the trick. Direct your audience to download your app, call your representatives, or learn more about your offer. You want your sales copy to end where your target audience will begin.

Conclusion: 10 Astounding Tips on Writing Sales Copy That Converts

Writing sales copy that converts potential customers into buyers starts with understanding your audience and targeting them with the correct language. Any content strategist will realize these necessities and apply them to their client’s digital marketing strategy. Consider these ten tips that involve adjusting your copy’s voice and approach to create compelling pieces and boost your sales.

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