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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Email Marketing


There’s no denying that the pandemic turned the business world upside down. In particular, many small businesses found themselves on the brink of bankruptcy. Some have even sadly closed down.

Thankfully, we’ve seen businesses slowly recoup over the past year. As you enter your recovery period, finding the right digital marketing strategy for your business becomes crucial.

There are a lot of different marketing strategies for you to implement. Whether you’re running a B2B or B2C company, there is one marketing strategy you shouldn’t neglect — email marketing.

Email Is Definitely Not Dead

Email marketing is still alive and kicking even in the era of Facebook marketing strategy and SMS marketing. In fact, it is even more used today!

A survey shows that 99% of email users check their inboxes daily — with some even checking their inboxes up to 20 times per day. Additionally, emails are the first thing more than half of email users check upon waking up in the morning. Thanks to various applications, smartphones, and tablets, emails have become infinitely more accessible.

Here are 10 other reasons why you should have an email marketing strategy for your business.

1. Targeted Content and Custom Campaigns

Emails allow you to customize your content and campaigns according to your audience preferences and needs. Forget email marketing templates; use the information you collect when they sign up for your email newsletters to create personalized emails.

Use their first name to foster a better relationship. Surveys found that people are more likely to open emails that mention them by name on the subject line!

With the right e-newsletter client, you can create custom lists for certain services, products, and events to ensure your audience receives news that align with their interests. This can greatly increase your chances of making a sale or converting leads.

2. Lead Generation

Emails let you increase your leads — but what is lead generation? Leads are your prospective customers. They might not purchase or try your services today but will likely become one with time and a little pushing.

You can use email marketing to generate new leads from your website. Regular emails and attractive offers can help you improve your lead to customer conversions, too!

3. Drive Online Traffic

One of the best benefits of email marketing is the traffic it can generate for your website and social media pages. You can do this by including links to your newsletters and writing copy that encourages them to check out your site and profiles.

For instance, if you are running an online contest, you probably have the full details up on your website or social media. Hook them with short but sweet content (since long emails aren’t ideal anyway), then send them to your website or online store for more detailed information. While there, your customers might even purchase something from your shop!

4. Higher Sales and Revenue

That’s another reason to consider email marketing — driving up your sales and revenue. One report from Marketing Week notes that nearly £29 billion or over $40 billion in annual retail sales are generated by email marketing.

Sending regular email newsletters that feature your best products and services can remind your audience about what you have to offer. It may even spur them on to get back to their abandoned cart or to take advantage of a limited-time discount and ultimately lead to closing a sale.

5. Instant and Timely Campaigns

If you’re building a market penetration strategy or a market entry strategy, you need to add emails to the list. Email marketing allows you to instantly inform your audience about a new product or service.

Moreover, the instantaneous and timely aspect of email marketing allows you to plan and implement campaigns even on short notice. You can rest assured most, if not all, of your audience will see your email and be informed of your new offerings.

6. Audience Engagement

Communicating with your audience is crucial for fostering a good business relationship. If they feel like they can talk to you or know you on a personal level, they will be more likely to develop brand loyalty.

Another benefit to email marketing is that you are reaching out to an already engaged audience. These people you are sending emails to are aware of your brand and have voluntarily signed up to receive your news and updates. Email marketing can help grow their interest and raise your chances of conversion.

7. Customer Feedback

Knowing what your customer wants is a key factor for business survival, regardless of the industry you are in. You can use email marketing to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction through surveys.

Improving consumers’ overall experience with your brand also helps build brand loyalty. The valuable feedback you obtain can help drive your marketing campaign and overall business strategies in the right direction.

8. Cost-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Among the myriad of marketing strategies for small businesses, email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient and cost-effective. There’s no need to print anything and no postage costs you need to worry about.

There are also many email newsletter softwares and services you can choose to utilize depending on your business needs and marketing goals. For example, if you are already using Shopify, you can take advantage of the Shopify email marketing campaign.

Best of all is that for every dollar you spend on your email newsletters, you can generate an average of $42. That’s an impressive 4,200% return on your investment!

9. Ease of Tracking and Measuring

With email marketing, it’s easy to track your progress. Many email marketing softwares let you track open rates, click throughs, conversion rates, and more. There are also third-party applications that offer similar services. This way, you can keep track of what works and what doesn’t for different audiences.

Doing so allows you to shore up your target marketing strategies and create more customized content for better conversions and higher sales. Once you know what your audience wants, you can also easily make changes to improve your campaign.

10. Instantaneous and Global Impact

Emails allow you to reach a global audience with just one click. This is why online retailers that offer international shipping benefit immensely from sending out email newsletters.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience. You get to communicate with an already invested audience, relay timely information, and improve your sales and lead generation.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

If it’s your first time to try email marketing, you can take a look at various email marketing examples online for tips. Don’t copy them exactly though — remember that the main advantages of emails are customization and targeted marketing.

While having the best digital marketing agency on call would help you grow, sometimes, all you need is a solid email marketing strategy.

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