5 Web Design Trends that will influence your screen in 2020

Can you imagine that the ‘Web’ turned 30 last year? Yes, that’s true and within that period it had several changes just like any other technology. It has empowered millions over the years to develop new extraordinary experiences that we could have never imagined.

However, this does not mean that it has only seen the good days. The web has a great number of negative aspects as well. But with the beginning of the new year more and more developers and designers have taken the initiative to fix up the web.

Maybe that is the reason why we see some comeback trends in the year 2020 such as ‘Gradients’ to bless our screens and bring back the goodness in web design. Following the latest trend is a crucial part of being the best website design.

So if you are in the hunt for the best website design in New Jersey or anywhere else then lookout for the following web design trends that are most likely to rule over our screens in 2020.


1. Gradient 2.0

As mentioned earlier, Gradient has made its comeback into the web design realm. With Gradient 2.0, the users will get to observe some much-needed depth in an otherwise flat layout. Henceforth, making it increasingly interesting in visuals.

Earlier, when it came to e-commerce design trends the dominance of ultra minimalism was evident. The majority of designers gave their best to minimize entire visual properties and left the crucial elements only in the layout.

The result of this was product designs with an increased level of white space with literally no color. The use of ‘Ultra minimalism’ gave almost every interface a similar appearance. Hence, the users found it to be tedious and boring.

In comes the Gradient 2.0 that begins to take place of flat colors. Not just the public users but stakeholders and product teams have been loving this latest design trend. Since it allows them to make use of branding colors while creating them.


2. Bold Colors & Fonts

Now every brand is in a race to stand out from its competitors online as they want to engage the users towards themselves. As of today, the situation remains the same in fact, the desire to stand out from the rest has only increased.

Hence, the use of bright and bold colors would be more. Designers have put a great emphasis on supersaturation when it comes to the latest web design trends. They give the brands exactly what they want which is to grab the attention of viewers online.

Embracing the bold is not just for colors but are for fonts as well. If you observe the sites of great brands the first thing which you may notice is the headline with no imagery as such.

The use of bold fonts in these headlines is the attention stealer really. Bold fonts may be simple but do wonders to grab viewers’ attention. With the aim of being unique and engage viewers, designers today use heavy, bold fonts to include increased visual weight.


3. Asymmetric Layout

Although it sounds like chaos but is actually a real deal when it comes to uniqueness. The year 2020 will most probably see a dominance of asymmetric layouts in order to develop individuality and enthusiasm among viewers.

It certainly doesn’t mean that well-arranged website design will be a dud but asymmetric structures will have an upper hand. Especially when it comes to personal websites where you can observe an increasing use of broken-grid patterns.

However, brands especially those who have huge numbers of live content may have overwhelming web experience for using the asymmetric layout. No matter the complexity of this design, it is proven to be an effective design trend when it comes to catching the viewer’s attention.


4. Video Headers on Hero Areas

The use of imagery or video content works gloriously to deliver direct messages or ideas instantly. Now in the past year, experimentation with the hero areas was a big part of web designing.

This trend has not faded away as in 2020 we are seeing short-video clips being played on the website’s hero area. Video headers make the whole website experience dynamic and lively.

They help to engage users because we all know it videos and imageries are more attention-grabbing than that of texts. Hence, get ready to see more and more Video Headers than bland, simple text over the hero area of websites.


5. Interactive Animations

Now we have extensively seen the use of animations over web design. The users enjoy the inclusion of them on web pages. However, the nature of animation has never been interactive or user-triggered.

In 2020, we may be seeing the use of interactive animations over several websites. Unlike your typical animations, the new web design will see utilizing user-triggered animation that makes it more engaging and fun.

This new wave of typography merges user-interaction and animation together to bring exciting web designing.



The year 2020 has just begun and we are already witnessing some of the best web design trends as of today. The expert designers and developers of New Jersey web design and several other locations in the world work hand-in-hand to include innovative, fun and efficient web designs.

The above-enumerated web design trends are just some glimpses of what 2020 has in its store for everyone. Buckle up your seat belts to see even more surreal web design trends in the future.