Best SEO in NJ: 5 Active SEO Trends Dominating 2020

best SEO in NJ

2020 has a lot in store for SEO! Digital Marketing experts from New Jersey believe that with augmented reality and virtual reality striding into the digital marketing arena, the way most of you have witnessed SEO will completely change.


After all, artificial intelligence is already out to alter the way people react to online content. This is why it is crucial that people should be aware of how the changing SEO trends, which are out to dominate the markets.


On that note, this blog will talk about the leading SEO trends followed by the best SEO in NJSo, marketers, take note:


Number 1: Voice Search Will Rule 

Long gone are the days where orthodox typing was in the rage. In today’s world where mobile internet is accessed by every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’, the rise of voice search is inevitable. So, as per the advice of the best SEO NJ manager’s the key goal is to make the machines understand human language.


In short, content needs to be optimized for voice search. Thus, place thy keywords in such a way that the machines can relate these to basic voice queries.


Number 2: Mobiles Come First 

Today, Google has become smart. So, no longer does the quality of content play the sole role in helping a website rank. As more than half the world’s population is accessing the internet via cellphones, these cellphones must offer outstanding UX and UI.


A good UX on cell phones means the website is mobile friendly. This helps users easily access a website. How? Well, the website loads faster, is easily manageable and aesthetic too. Thus, when a website is both mobile and desktop-friendly it easily gets indexed.


Number 3: Video Optimization 

Let’s process this information too! As per the best SEO in NJvoice search isn’t the only game-changer. In fact, by 2020, videos are predicted to be the source of 75% of organic traffic. Therefore, Videos are becoming increasingly important in the field of digital marketing. The reason being videos are interactive, have attractive visuals and tend to hold the attention of users more.


So, it is natural that videos are a good source of organic traffic. This is why web developers should pay extra attention to video optimization. Ensure to pick the right keywords, work on making the videos visually appealing and interactive to impress Google.


Number 4: Magnified User Experience 

Just like a customer is a top priority for every marketer, for Google, the users are nothing short of God. This is why ensure to enhance the user experience by giving a website a makeover. Focus on improving UX, implement an intuitive design, reduce technical issues and load time.


If these are addressed correctly, automatically a website becomes more appealing, provided you take care of content too!


Number 5: Artificial Intelligence 

AI is the real game-changer, and when AI stepped into the digital marketing game, marketers can access a lot of information to develop a foolproof SEO strategy. For example, AI can make products and ads communicative, can predict user preference based on gender, past purchases, demographics and more.


Well, now that you’re aware of the 5 dominating SEO trends of 2020, how about investing in the best SEO NJ? You can leave it your marketing concerns to these talented SEO specialists and watch your website ranking improve with time.