Create By Influence specializes in transforming businesses in the digital space. We aid in providing the digital strategy, services, and resources to streamline successful branding, digital development and marketing under one unique and custom solution for each client. If you know how good your product, service, or idea is… it should be your own due diligence to convey it in the best possible way. We can help your business scale digitally by achieving higher website conversions, using attractive branding, content driven strategy, and revenue focused marketing. When all the right things are successfully executed together, we guarantee a maximum long-term return on investment (ROI).

“Don’t take our word for it… just ask our clients!”

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How Many Logo Design Concepts Do You Need?

Our normal process begins with a rough draft and conceptual phase where we will provide a select number of concepts for our client to determine what direction the client likes best before finessing and moving into the finalizing stages of their custom logo design.

Choose a number of initial logo design concepts

How many colors will your Logo Design consist of?

Color is detrimental to excellent branding. We want to learn as much as we possible can about your branding and potential logo design project. Our team is dedicated to creating a logo design for your business that will speak volumes to the larger masses.

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What type of font suits your brand identity?

In order for us to best visualize the direction of your logo design before even beginning your project, please select an option below for us to best understand the font direction for your brand.

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Describe Your Logo Design Budget

By providing us with your logo design budget we will able to provide you with the highest quality package based on what you are willing to invest for the representation of your business or idea. Always keep in mind the long term value of your logo design will hold strong for many years to come. Branding and attracting your target market and audience is crucial which is why it's important to invest the proper time, money, and energy to ensure your brand design holds true to it's value in the future.

Please also be mindful of the options you have selected through this quiz when specifying your budget for this project. Professional branding is a serious task for business owners. If you are passionate about your business this task should not be taken lightly as your branding is the first impression of your business. Due to our creative talents in the field of design our minimal spending cap for all branding and logo design projects starts at $450. Our ultimate goal is to give you the best outcome possible at a value that holds true for you and your business or idea.

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Select the file types you need upon final delivery

Upon delivering the final files for you newly made custom logo design it's important for us to understand which files types you require from us for our final delivery to you.

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How soon do you need this project completed?

In order to best understand the urgency of this project, please provide us with a time-span of when you would like to have this project completed.

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