Greens Enterprises

Commercially Compostable Materials
Inbound Lead Generation + Appointment Setting for B2B Interactions

Company Background:

Greens Enterprises is committed to reducing single-use plastic and styrofoam disposables by replacing them with fully compostable, high quality products that customers love. They provide the best value possible while giving back to the community and to our climate with every sale.

The Results:

Greens Enterprises was looking for a direct B2B marketing strategy to get connected with meal prep companies, restaurants, and other food ordering vendors throughout the U.S. who were looking for eco-friendly, compostable products. We constructed a solid acquisition system for them using Facebook and Instagram as our advertising platform with the goal to obtain solid leads and booked appointments with decision-makers who would be most highly to convert and purchase from Greens. After 30 days, our client obtained their first contracted deal from our marketing strategy.

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