Case Study


Real Estate Loans For Investors
6 Month SEO Case Study

Company Background:

I Fund Cities is a lending platform that provides loans to residential real estate investors nationwide. They are based out of Philadelphia but service multiple states on the East Coast.

I Fund Cities was looking to expand its reach outside of Philadelphia into several markets along the East Coast. This expansion required an increase of their visibility online in these new markets which led them to partner with Create By Influence to assist in this area.

The Strategy:

This strategy required a multi-step approach due to expansion covering 27 new markets. Our first step was to focus on the main website and the addition of 27 new landing pages focused on each area. Along with these new pages, we implemented the following SEO Strategy:

1. On Page Best Practices
a) Focused on Specific Keywords and Keyphrases for the location and their offering.
b) Optimized pages for best practices with Metas, H1s, and visible content.

2. Off Page Best Practices
a) Focused on an increase of follow backlinks.
b) Focused on organic outreach to attract traffic and visibility.
c) Focused on Events, Organizations, and Conferences.
d) Established Google My Business in every new market

3. Consistent Content
a) We implemented a frequent blog calendar focused on valuable content and focused keywords to help with their rankings.
b) Updated website written content to keep content fresh and updated.

The Results:

After implementing our strategies in these three areas, we saw the following results:

Organic Keywords increased by 4060% with an increase to over 250 targeted keywords.

Site traffic increased by 157% averaging around 885 visitors.

Backlinks increased by 1621% with 90% of these backlinks being follow.

Overall our strategy helped improve I Fund Cities’ organic rankings and keywords to allow their potential clients to discover them when they are needing the services they offer.