Case Study

K9 Doodie Patrol

Pooper Scooper
3 Month SEO Case Study

Company Background:

K9 Doodie Patrol is an independently owned and operated pooper scooper service in New Jersey.

K9 Doodie Patrol was looking to grow into new counties in their local area and decided to team up with Create By Influence to help with their website and Search Engine Optimization.

The Strategy:

This strategy required a new and aesthetically pleasing website as their foundation and then to incorporate the following practices to help retain and gain organic rankings in relevant counties.

1. On Page Best Practices
a) Focused on Specific Keywords and Keyphrases for the specific counties and their offering.
b) Optimized pages for best practices with Metas, H1s, and visible content.

2. Off Page Best Practices
a) Focused on an increase of follow backlinks.
b) Established Google My Business in their local area.

3. Consistent Content
a) Updated website written content to keep content fresh and updated.
b) Created a weekly blog post to share resources with their customers.

The Results:

After implementing our strategies in these three areas, we saw the following results:

Organic Keywords increased by 197% over the last 3 months with an increase to over 200 targeted keywords for their designated areas.

Site traffic increased by 1910% in the last 3 months averaging over 100 visitors.

Backlinks increased by 509% with 93% of these backlinks being follow.

Overall our strategy helped improve K9 Doodie Patrol Organic Rankings to help showcase for the keywords that best benefit their business.