Case Study

Pacific Tax Pros

Tax Preparation and Financial Services
Facebook Ads & Google PPC Case Study

Company Background:

Pacific Tax Professionals has over 25 years of combined experience in individual and corporate taxes; they pride themselves on building and maintaining client relationships. Confidentiality and trust are the backbones of the company, and they continuously strive to provide such a service to their clients.

The Strategy:

Continuous learning is a great tool to get ahead of the competition. Before launching a campaign on Google, Facebook, and Instagram we carefully studied the market and Pacific Tax Pros Competition. We carefully structured our campaign and retargeting strategies as well as did extensive research to generate the best SEO keywords and Ad copy.

The Results:

CBI took on an aggressive marketing approach to help accelerate a profitable tax season for this tax professional in Pasadena, CA. Mike Steverson, CEO of Pacific Tax Pros found it in his best interest to invest in a marketing strategy with the intent of doubling or tripling the amount of revenue his firm produced last year.

As marketing professionals, we took the time to consult with Mike and educate him on the key points to successfully launching a successful digital marketing campaign. He was very diligent on the tasks we provided him as he was able to create his own video content based on the methods we advised him to follow.

Mike’s ad spend budget for 4 months totaled out to $3,734.00. In addition to his referrals and regular yearly clients, he acquired 80 new clients ($46.68 Cost Per Acquisition) from his digital marketing strategy with CBI. These results were generated between a mix of Google PPC to drive website appointments/phone calls and Facebook/Instagram which we re-marketed video ads to raise brand awareness to all the users who clicked or searched local tax filing services from Google Search.

This resulted in a 4.3X return on ad spend which in all entirety put $16k back in Mike’s pocket (SOLID ROI). Mike plans to 10X his return on marketing investment for next year and has shown tremendous gratitude for the relationship and trust built through his experience with CBI.