Case Study

Prestige Tree Services

Tree Removal
Facebook Ads & Google PPC Case Study

Company Background:

Prestige Tree Service is a Philadelphia based tree service firm. They provide proficient tree removal and many related services with utmost efficiency. As an essential amenity it is required to protect your property from tree damage. Prestige focuses on accurate service, quality and safety. During any time, you can have your trees inspected by the professionals at Prestige Tree Service.

The Strategy:

Our first goal was to introduce the business first and build brand awareness. We ran multiple Ads on Google (Google PPC) with the right keywords to make sure it appears on the screen just when someone’s looking for local tree services. We also launched Facebook Ad campaigns to reach more audiences and retarget interested customers later on.

The Results:

We helped Prestige obtain more customers for tree removal services by utilizing Facebook and Google as our advertising platforms. In just 90 days, we were able to obtain 80+ high-quality leads that had a 60 to 70% closing rate.

With the increased amount of sales and predictability of our strategy combined with our clients amazingly operated company, he was able to recruit a 4th crew and continue to grow profitably during months that would normally be slow in the past.