Case Study

Tree Leadz

Marketing Agency for Tree Service Contractors
Facebook Ads & Google PPC Case Study

Company Background:

With the rise of demand within different industries, Tree Leadz found the opportunity to pivot itself in the tree service industry in July of 2020. As a newly funded venture, it was a clear case to bring a certain level of digital marketing expertise to the tree service space due to the lack of value and expertise being shared presently with very limited options and overpriced vendors who provided a subpar marketing or lead generation experience to help tree companies grow efficiently.

The Strategy:

We ran Facebook Ads and Google PPC campaigns. Through proper targeting and strategies, we were able to reach our target audience on Facebook. You can never go wrong with a strong Ad copy with a proper CTA in place. We were also able to generate leads through Google PPC using the right keywords.

The Results:

CBI stood behind the marketing strategy for Tree Leadz, its offspring marketing agency. Not only was the fulfillment great, but it created a huge impact for many tree services who were struggling to gain more customers during the pandemic and seasonal shift where business usually significantly drops off.

With the use of a well-mapped out marketing strategy, CBI pushed Tree Leadz to obtain 33 clients nationally in just under 8 months. Tree Leadz deemed itself profitable at a 6X return on marketing investment. You can’t just make these numbers up. The proof is in the strategy, irresistible offer, and results.