Building a Strong Foundation: How CBI’s Website Development and SEO Strategy Helped New Home OK Sell Move-In Ready New Construction

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The strategy we developed for Ryan Raymond and New Home OK was focused on showcasing their move-in ready new construction homes to potential buyers through a high-quality website and effective SEO. We knew that buyers in the market for new construction homes often had specific criteria they were looking for, such as move-in ready homes with certain features and amenities. Our goal was to position New Home OK as the go-to destination for these buyers and make it as easy as possible for them to find the perfect home.

To achieve this, we built a custom website from the ground up that was designed to showcase New Home OK’s move-in ready homes in the best possible light. We optimized the website’s structure, content, and metadata for SEO to ensure that it would rank highly in relevant search results. Additionally, we developed a content strategy that included blog posts and social media updates highlighting the unique features and amenities of New Home OK’s move-in ready homes.

By focusing on the specific needs and desires of buyers in the market for move-in ready new construction homes, we were able to position New Home OK as a top choice and drive more traffic and leads to their website. Our strategy helped them to stand out in a competitive market and ultimately drive more sales.

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