Scaling Lead Generation for Off-Market and Motivated Sellers: A Case Study with Philly Cash 4 Homes

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At Create By Influence, we’re proud to have helped our client Philly Cash 4 Homes achieve significant results with their lead generation efforts. Despite the highly competitive and saturated real estate market in the Philadelphia area, we were able to scale their lead generation results for Google PPC while also reducing their cost per lead. Our approach involved building brand awareness through social media content and effectively communicating and tracking KPIs to ensure we were continuously improving our results.

But our work with Philly Cash 4 Homes didn’t stop there. In addition to our online efforts, we also aided in creative print campaigns and SMS marketing to drive leads from a multi-channel approach. By utilizing a variety of marketing channels and tactics, we were able to get in front of motivated sellers and drive the results our client needed to grow their business. We’re proud to have played a key role in helping Philly Cash 4 Homes achieve success, and we look forward to continuing to support their growth in the future.

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