CBI’s Championship Culture is a philosophy shared by all of its members. It’s not only a make-believe declaration born of foolishness but a constant drive to succeed and achieve greatness.

The story of this culture began in 2007, which the team has affectionately called “The Year of the Unknown.” Nick and Steven started “unknowingly” playing the game of entrepreneurship. They started a unique gaming enterprise called inFluence Gaming (iFc). They supported professional gamers in Major League Gaming Circuit (MLG) and made partnerships with huge endorsements.

Nick and Steven consider themselves cut from the same cloth. They have similar life experiences and have always tackled life a bit differently from others. At an early age, they knew that they’d uniquely serve a purpose. But, no matter how much they valued one another during their initial entrepreneurial journey, they needed to part ways because they needed to pursue their paths in college.

Nick tried to open a business venture called Influence Apparel in 2010. Unfortunately, this venture does not thrive for long due to a lack of knowledge of the fundamentals of successfully running a business. Lesson after lesson, Nick Lalwani, the founder of CBI, never gives up hope and continues to work toward his goal of influencing people.

Years had passed, and many things had happened, but Nick was still committed to his goals and was holding on to a leap of faith. Fast-forward to the year 2018—the year of redemption, hope, and persistence. Nick never lost his drive and he always believed that there was more to life—that he could accomplish more. He founded CBI this year while still working at two other jobs. He chose to leave his comfort zone—his eleven-year job—and work full-time as a marketing director for a sports nutrition store while also starting CBI on the side.

In 2019, champions are made. Nick Lalwani (CEO) and Steven Spencer (COO) started to continue their unfinished business and partnership. These two were able to draw on their confidence and high spirits to establish CBI as a Web and Graphic Design Agency. Despite the difficulties and hurdles they’ve faced, CBI grew and expanded as a full-service digital marketing agency. It is a result of the fire that burned consistently within this dynamic partnership.

At present, CBI is now a multi-cultural digital marketing company that upholds a “championship culture,” philosophy, with each member of this dream team contributing significantly. At CBI, we each do our part to help the team win. Breeding winners, building people, and cultivating a championship culture are the cornerstones of our success. This is how CBI has become a leading authority in digital marketing. We are delighted to help businesses and let them experience the CBI’s championship culture and apply the same philosophy within their own companies.

Why Us

Learn What Makes Us A Leading Authority In Digital Marketing.

More Cost-Effective Than Hiring In-House

With CBI, you’ll only have to worry about one fixed charge while enjoying the peace of mind and security that comes with having an entire team of professionals on your side.

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CBI will bring life into your brand or invigorate an aging one. Our mission is to provide marketing services that will assist you in reaching your target market and increasing your revenues.

Revenue Driven Approach

CBI’s goal is to help you establish yourself in the market. We focus on helping you generate revenue that will not just help you thrive for the time being but will help you generate continuous ROI.