Do you need a website overhaul?

A guide to updating your website to better your brand.

Have you been refreshing your website hoping that maybe it will suddenly change to a brand new design? Have you been scrolling through competitor’s website, wondering how everything looks so great?
Well it may be time to find out if you need a website overhaul and to take the leap to rebrand with a new web design or to update your current one.
An overhaul doesn’t require that you lose everything that you have worked on up to this point; however, it can mean a step in the right direction.
It all begins on figuring out what you really want to get out of your website. This could mean driving more traffic to purchase a product/service or maybe you just want to get your information out there to the world.
At the end of the day, a website wants to be seen and you want to make sure yours is one of them.

Do you need a website overhaul or update?

We are going to go through a few questions to help recognize if you need to update or redesign your website, and after answering those questions, we are going to provide you solutions to better your company and website.
Our hope is that after these results you are able to decide for yourself, if you need to upgrade or if you are content on what your current website is doing for you.

The Questions to Ask Yourself and Solutions

Here are four simple questions that you can ask yourself:

  • How is your design and appearance?
  • Are you reaching your target audience?
  • Is your website performing favorably?
  • Is your website easy to maintain?

We are going to break these down a little more, so you can get the most out of the solutions.


When thinking about how to answer about your design and appearance, you need to evaluate how your audience sees your website.
An important evaluation is to make sure your website reflects your products and/or services and that it is consistent throughout. This really comes back to the foundation of your website, which is the branding. You want to make sure your brand identity is consistent and easy for your visitors to follow.

  • Solution: You may need to update your branding, logo and/or color direction. This will help on attracting and retaining customers and make sure they like the look and feel of your website.

Another important key is the appearance on different platforms. Your site is being accessed via every different platform out there. But is your website optimized for those platforms?
You really have to take in consideration of how your website appears on mobile devices, because several of your visitors are most likely using that technology. Updating your website or making a whole new design will definitely help in this area.

  • Solution: You can update your assisting website to make sure it is mobile-friendly or you can get a whole new layout that will definitely please your visitors.


When assessing the second question, “Are you reaching your target audience?”, you have to understand how your website is marketing your product and/or service to the public.
One key factor is asking what previous steps you have taken or implemented into your website. Outdated websites may not have the correct plugins or tools. Lack of plug-ins and tools can seriously affect how you can assess your online presence. This is a vital factor in understanding your marketing strategy and how you compete in the growing landscape.

  • Solution: Updating and creating a new website will allow you to include the necessary plugins and tools that will assist on your marketing strategies.

Lack of updated content or no content at all is usually another serious issue with outdated websites. If you have not taken the steps to provide new and exciting content, you may be facing a fall in your search engine position. Taking action on content and also re-evaluating your keywords will be essential on keeping your search ranking high and getting those new visitors on your site.

  • Solution: It all starts with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and if you haven’t taken this into consideration for your website, we highly recommend it. This will be key on increasing your search engine ranking and also if done correctly it will not only deal with keyword implementation or formatting for your site, but also providing new and exciting content that will attract visitors.


The third question deals with several different aspects of your site; however, we will only touch on a few and how it can affect your website.
One consideration into your website’s performance is the site speed. This is essential for your website because it can have a negative impact on your search engine ranking. As mentioned earlier, having the necessary tools in place will help you evaluate different aspects of your site, and site speed is one.

  • Solution: By having the correct tools in place, you can evaluate your site speed and take action on fixing any issues that are having a negative impact on your site.

Another consideration is how your visitors navigate your website. By having the right user experience (UX) in place, this will help with your visitors experience, how easily they navigate your site, and also getting them to the must see sections.

  • Solution: Updating the user experience (UX) of your site or keeping that you mind with a revamp, will make sure that you are having your visitors going in the right direction. This will make sure your visitor is faced with a comfortable and enjoyable environment and doesn’t get lost along the way.


The last question focuses on how easy your site is to maintain. The previous questions have dealt with mostly the visitor and your target audience; however, this question is focused on you. At the end of the day, this is your website and you want to make sure it is easy to maintain and be protected.
The internet and websites are always improving and this includes easier ways for site owners to manage and update their sites. If you keep this in mind with a new website, you can make sure that it is easier in the long run to overcome the questions provided previously.

  • Solution: By having a content management system (CMS), like WordPress, that works with your website, you will be able to easily manage and update your website. You can also have a company to help manage and with a system in place, it will be more cost-efficient.

Another maintenance issue to keep in mind is security. Outdated websites may not have the security that a new website has and this can lead to issues from hacking. Eliminating any security flaws will help reduce any issues and make sure your visitors are comfortable while visiting.

  • Solution: By having new technology and coding on your website, this will reduce any security flaws and make sure you sleep better at night, knowing your website is secure.

The Next Step

We brought up four simple questions and broke them down a little more, so you can figure out if you have any of these issues with your website. If these questions brought up concerns of your website, we recommend that you look into doing an update or upgrade of your site.
Overall, we want to make sure that you, site owners and businesses, are thinking about the right questions when it comes to upgrading and updating their site, because it will help you save a lot of time on that decision.
If you are ready to take the next step, you can reach us here.