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How to Target Locals in South Jersey Through Social Media Marketing


Utilizing social media channels is probably one of the smartest marketing strategies to adopt for your local business. These online platforms have billions of active users. Once you understand how to navigate one platform, you will have the right equipment to target local audiences in your area. Here are the top platforms for your local business’ social media marketing strategy.


Facebook is the largest and most adopted social media platform. Nearly everyone you know might already have an account of their own. You are likely to find your local target audience somewhere among this user base.

Promoting your products and services on this platform is an excellent digital marketing strategy. Over a billion users are using Facebook social groups to boost their business operations. Among this large user base, a large percentage of users buy products or services after clicking on Facebook ads. As such, promoting your business on Facebook is lucrative.

Facebook is especially useful for promoting your small business locally. The platform’s algorithms can direct you to targeting expansions. Consider building your brand from your immediate location to utilize these locational algorithms to find potential customers who are likely to support your business.


Twitter is a microblogging platform allowing a maximum of 280 characters per post or tweet. Tweets can include video content to accompany your text content to appeal to visual users. This platform even takes video support further by offering live video features where you can promote your business in real-time by hosting webinars or live demonstrations. You can easily reach local audiences by adding location data to your Tweets, letting the algorithm know which userbase to target.

Twitter is a quick way to engage with its millions of users worldwide. It focuses on content that is straight to the point, which can be great for your online customer support strategies. When implementing social media marketing, be sure to include consistent customer support in your plans. Being consistent with your customers helps build brand loyalty.

Another benefit of building your online presence through Twitter is the fact that a sizable percentage of business-to-business (B2B) companies generate leads through the platform. In other words, you have a fair chance of attracting prospects to your products and services. Consistent content lets these potential customers know you are an active brand ready to meet their needs.


Instagram is a photo-sharing and social networking platform with over one billion monthly active users. The majority of users on Instagram follow brands and visit brand pages frequently, making it one of the best places for business marketing. You could be among these businesses that the established user base follows if you cater to their needs.

Target marketing strategies among local Instagram users involve similar strategies across Facebook and Twitter — optimizing your profile for local search by using relevant keywords and hashtags.

On relevant keywords, having your specific location in your Instagram handle is a great strategy. Suppose you sell boba tea in Miami. An ideal Instagram handle for your brand would be an iteration of @miamibobatea. This handle immediately lets non-business profiles know what you offer. This strategy is most effective if you only operate in a single area. Still, you can make multiple accounts for individual shops in other areas.


LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals in all kinds of industries. This platform has over 610 million members. Among this user base, there are millions of decision-makers and C-level executives.

Like other social media platforms, you can find your local audience by incorporating relevant hashtags into your content. The content you would share on LinkedIn includes blog posts, case studies, eBooks, reports, or whitepapers. LinkedIn users value informative content. Utilizing informative content for fellow professionals may give you access to LinkedIn’s effective distribution channel.


YouTube is a video sharing and social media platform under Google with billions of monthly users. Utilizing this platform to promote your business to locals in your area may help them get a better impression of your services instead of just reading about them.

Research suggests that people retain a message better when they watch a video, which is more than when they read a message in text form. Consider this statistic when promoting your products or services to real people. You are more likely to be remembered when you have video content than text. Of course, you can utilize video to supplement text to widen your reach.

YouTube algorithms likely follow Google algorithms, making it essential to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) profile connected to your YouTube channel. A GMB listing is an essential element in search engine optimization (SEO), which measures how relevant your page is in a person’s search query.

Conclusion: How to Target Locals in South Jersey Through Social Media Marketing

Targeting locals in South Jersey through social media marketing involves curating your profile to include relevant keywords to reach audiences that are most likely to convert sales. This strategy is generally true across the various social media platforms, but it pays to optimize your content to each platform’s strength. For example, Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing platform, while YouTube is a video hosting platform. Users will launch those apps expecting that kind of content.

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