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Choose a Marketing Agency that Complements Your In-House Team with a Powerful Marketing Model


As a business owner, learning the ups and downs, curves and twists, and simply embracing the full-blown roller coaster that marketing is can feel a little overwhelming. Most small businesses don’t have access to a full-scale, in-house marketing department. Even large enterprises often outsource a marketing agency to help handle all of their creative content. The truth is that creating the perfect marketing model takes some time and quite a few steps. Whether you’re learning about marketing as a start-up or a large enterprise, CBI’s marketing model is the perfect extension to help your business thrive, and here’s why.

Custom-Tailored Plans

When you’re selecting one of our plans, it’s important to know that we fully understand there’s no one-size-fits-all in marketing. That’s why we customize our plans to meet your specific needs when it comes to reaching higher and better goals each month. As a marketing agency, our custom-tailored plans are designed to accommodate your business goals down to each critical detail. Our experts strategically plan and calculate every tiny ingredient in your marketing campaign so that deadlines are met efficiently and effectively. There’s no cookie cutter nonsense with us. Our goal is to organically expand your brand’s awareness.

We Understand Overhead Expenses and Help Keep Operating Costs Down

Don’t hire a marketing agency that simply purchases ads on Instagram, Facebook, or your platform of choice (something you can easily do). Our team at CBI uses SEO content and SEM strategies to bring real consumers your way. We target consumers by geographic area and SEO keywords with a product or service-specific niche that fits your business and brand.

How Our Marketing Agency Works

Many agencies ask you to sign up for an annual or 6-month trial so that they can ‘promote’ your brand in quick-click mannerisms. That’s not our game and not our goal. We schedule an onboarding call with you on the day you select one of our plans. We sit down to thoroughly plan out and create a campaign that targets your specific goals. This allows our marketing department to highlight your priorities. We stick to what makes your brand stand out and build a relationship founded on trust.

By working with you on a month-to-month basis, you’re able to learn how our marketing department works in order to bring you a return. This enables us to earn your trust. It also reduces overhead expenses, meaning you get what you pay for and more. Our cost-efficient model allows you to scale while breaking down the analytics that can be so hard to understand. Each week or month – whatever works best for your schedule – we’ll sit down and go over the numbers. We’ll look at direct traffic versus marketed traffic, cold and hot leads, and how everything is impacting your ROI. Our team will constantly monitor your campaign to bring awareness to any content that’s not meeting standards. We’ll adjust it so that we can meet your business goals while keeping you informed.

Help Us Help You

At CBI, our remote team is beyond talented. Each professional individual understands the importance of communication, project awareness, and meeting deadlines with no delay. We handle and manage high-level strategies across a multitude of channels. While you focus on running the business and making those personal relationships with consumers, we cover the marketing.

All you have to do is schedule a free marketing consultation so we can discuss where your brand’s awareness currently sits and where you’d like to see it in the next few months. We’ll work to create a plan that meets your every need. Let’s get you proven results and success with CBI’s marketing model.

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