Integrated Branding &
Marketing Marketing Marketing

Our marketing and branding is a fusion of great design, engaging content, and integrated digital marketing to ensure your business thrives in today’s marketplace.

We have what it takes to promote your company across all channels effectively. So, whether your business is small or large, CBI works with businesses of all sizes.

Marketing Strategy &
Creative Web Design Creative Web Design Creative Web Design

First impressions are everything. The impact your website produces, will either compel a visitor to remain on your web page or leave for your competitor’s page.


Our marketing team, graphic designers & website developers are brand experts. We build responsive, search-engine-friendly websites that are aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-find by your target audience.


A well-executed website design plan will help keep your visitors on your page – resulting in leads, and potential sales.

Media Planning &
Placement Placement Placement

There are only 2 things a business needs to grow and increase profits: a product that solves an urgent pressing problem, and an audience who is hungry for a solution.

You can have the best website design and the right product, but if it gets in front of the wrong audience, you won’t make any sales. All of your marketing efforts will go to waste.

When you have an effective media strategy in place, you’re in a better position to target the right audience, which will result in more leads, sales, and ROI.

CBI will help you engage with your target audience and grow your business like never before.

Consulting &
Communication Communication Communication

CBI will transform your business by helping you connect with your audience and deliver a memorable experience.


As your digital marketing consultant, we will work with you one-on-one either inperson safely, or remotely to plan and research your Internet marketing strategy.


We aim to maximize your leads and conversions, resulting in more growth and revenue for your business.

Social Media Content
Strategy Strategy Strategy

Are your social media efforts providing you the results you want?

If not, you need a well thought out strategy that will let you know whether your digital marketing efforts are succeeding or failing.

However, there is not sufficient time to learn everything that needs to be done and execute all the necessary social media tasks.

Our skilled team will create a winning social media marketing strategy that will boost organic visibility, increase web traffic, acquire customer feedback, and impress potential customers.

Market Research &
Web Analytics Web Analytics Web Analytics

There are 2 types of business owners: those who take the time out to plan and research strategies before jumping into the market – and those who just wing it, and guess their way through the process.

If you’re like most business owners, you more than likely prepare your
business before taking the plunge.

Every business needs to conduct thorough research before diving into a market. Otherwise, the business could sink rapidly.

Market research is a vital component when you’re launching a product, or when you want to improve an existing service.


If you want to stay afloat in today’s ever-changing business world, you need to conduct a market analysis.

CBI will equip you to launch unparalleled marketing campaigns based on our robust market research and web analytics services.