Integrative Branding &
Marketing Marketing Marketing

Your brand image defines how your targeted audience sees you. Which means you want to make a good impression. Our integrative branding will create engaging content and online advertising that can turn potential customers into returning customers, helping your business thrive in today’s marketplace.

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to content. That’s why we work to custom tailor our key turn digital marketing services, offer great design, and engaging content that promotes your company across all channels seamlessly.

Marketing Strategy &
Creative Web Design Services Creative Web Design Services Creative Web Design Services

First impressions are lasting impressions. Our CBI experts will work with you to formulate a marketing plan that utilizes today’s e-commerce trends with your brand’s image.


Our graphic designers, website development experts, and marketing strategists will use their skills to craft niche-specific web pages that are responsive and targetable. Landing pages and funnels will be tailored to your company’s needs so that potential consumers recognize your business and brand as they browse the web.

Full-Service Marketing Agency.
One Flat Rate.

Social Media Management Placement & Planning Placement & Planning Placement & Planning

Having a stellar website is one good thing, but having an eye-catching, head-turning media plan is a whole new game. You can have the product, you can have the solution, and you can have an eye-catching website, but if you’re not promoting your gig to the right audience, then you’re going to continue seeing cold traffic.


When you have an effective media strategy in place, it combines all of the components of your marketing plan and uses your custom-built website to get in front of the consumers you want to reach. This can be done through targeted ads and it helps generate leads, creates sales, and provides you with a credible, growing reputation.

Consulting &
Communication Communication Communication

Reaching your target audience via social media content is more than posting on a popular platform. It’s also how your content is perceived by the audience. Communication that helps define your image is key.


That’s why CBI’s marketing team gives you a full house partner for all of your marketing, planning, creative, and web design needs. We sit down with you one on one to discuss your current marketing analytics, where you’d like to see your business grow, and what we’ll do to get you there with your new internet marketing strategy.

SEO & Organic Content
Strategy Strategy Strategy

Combining SEO with SEM, our experts work tirelessly to bring you recognizable lead generation. We review your current media strategy and use it to better equip you with customized content that fuels automation. This helps create organic visibility, increases web traffic and allows you to make real consumer connections.


Our writers will weave SEO keywords into blog posts, landing pages, and funnels so that the content your audience sees never feels like a sales pitch. It’s always personable, friendly, and it highlights the product or services they’ve been hunting for.


With our organic content strategies, we ensure that search engines recognize your media as legit, add value content, allowing your brand to populate whenever consumers search for keywords pertaining to your services.

Market Research &
Analysis Analysis Analysis

Every business needs a marketing plan before taking the plunge. This is where we come in. We do all of the research before we ever launch a campaign, so that all of the latest trends and online highlights are factored into your media plan.


Then, as we roll your plan out, we track your progress so that you can see your ROI as it climbs. You’ll receive real-time analytics that allow you to see which marketing strategies work best when targeting consumers in need of your problem-solving products.


Our team will utilize unique SEO-based content alongside your customized marketing strategy to continuously promote your message, products, and services through user-friendly web design.


This will give potential consumers quick, readable content that’s aesthetically pleasing while guiding them to the products they need. It will also streamline our ability to see which marketing strategies do the best and what needs to be updated.