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Pivoting Through COVID-19


We at Create By Influence, have always aimed at creating a safe and workable environment for our employees. That’s why during this pandemic that is COVID-19, like every other responsible enterprise, we too promote the work-at-home strategy.

Our workforce is completely remote. We make use of our slack channel and zoom to communicate with clients. Our employees have completely adapted to the new working methodology, hence maintaining same efficiency. We will stand by you, all the time and get you through these hard times.

We timelessly work with our clients, to maintain the perennial growth of their business. We also make the internet, not a confusing place for new clients. The pandemic has forced most people to go online for everything. New to the online scenario? Never mind. We give full support and consultation to fresh clients. Also, affordable prices are provided.

We focus on the perfecting our existing works, whilst giving attention and care to our new clients also. These times are quite unfamiliar to us and let us all overcome this by working together.

All of your suggestions and opinions are welcome to make the situation improved. We need exercise the quality of unity. Remember unity, it starts with ‘you’.

Call us at (877) 651-2811 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Thank you,

Nick Lalwani

CEO & Founder of Create By Influence

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