Get yourself a 10% percent referral reward for each new client you give us!!!!!

Putting it simply, if your referred client does a business of $5,000, you get $500*

*provided the following terms and conditions are satisfied.

  • For each new client you refer to us, with whom successful business happens, you become eligible for one reward.
  • The newly contacted client must be doing business with us for the first time. Also, he/she must approve that their meeting with us was singularly because of your referral. And also, it must be the only reason they chose us for business. If we come to know that you referred the new client to us, whom had already been influenced by any other medium, your reward will be denied. The same is applicable even if the client had decided to work with us before your recommendation.
  • You will receive your earned reward (through your preferred mode of payment) within 30 days after submission of the project and client’s full payment.
  • Reward is only applicable to one referral per paid client and it will be paid specifically only for the first endeavour which your referred client completely pays for. Which means, any other business your referred client does with us thereafter will be completely inapplicable to you. Self-referrals will not be entertained. Also there will be no reward if your referred client has any sort of contact with you, whatsoever.
  • The reward is only applicable for the citizens of United States and all payments will be made in U.S. dollars. If culmination of your rewards crosses $600 in a calendar year, you will receive a 1099-MISC form from us.
  • Our program strictly does not establish any direct or indirect contract, or employment offer to any referrer. It is to be made clear that the participants will not be considered employees, agents, officers or any part of our firm (Create By Influence).
  • This program may be altered or annulled at any time.
  • You can make any number of referrals. Sky is the limit!!!