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From creative design, branding strategies, and digital marketing techniques; we have all the resources to produce incredible results for your business!


Logo Creation

In order to gain public recognition of your brand or business you must have a logo that represents your business in a figurative and engaging way.

Slogan Development

A slogan is a very compelling way to influence how customers talk and view your brand. We will help formulate a memorable phrase that will make your business very memorable when marketing or advertising.

Color Direction & Font Selection

We will help you determine what color scheme and font selection best suits your brand identity which will aid in the development of your logo, website, and future marketing materials.

Target Market

It’s important that your ideas align with the vision of your brand. It will be our job to create an online presence for your brand identity that will strategically attract your target market.



Web Development

Your website will be the focal point of your online presence. Most businesses fail because they neglect the online aspect of running a successful business. We will build you an unforgettable visually aesthetic website that is fully optimized with all the features and tools you need to market your business, convert sales, and grow targeted consumer-based traffic.

Graphic Design

We will design custom graphics for your business to give your customers communicative visuals. We will also create custom graphics to help market your products, services, and build brand awareness throughout various social media platforms.

Application Development (Mobile)

If you are looking to take your business to the next level or have the next BIG idea, we will build you an app from scratch accessible through iOS and Android platforms. This is a great way to really increase your businesses reach to customers and creates much more engagement and conversion.


Looking to sell a product or service online and need an online shopping cart system?  We can build you an e-commerce website that has a fully functioning payment and fulfillment system so that you can begin selling online!

2D/3D Motion Picture Films

Looking for some cutting edge content that will make waves for your brand in terms of story telling, marketing, and conveying your message?  Whether it be for a product, service, or something else we have some of the most talented animation artists ready to work some creative magic!

Photography & Videography

We can schedule a photoshoot or filming session and gather creative content that will be used to towards further developing your brand identity and marketing strategy.



Business Cards

We will create custom designed business cards incorporating your brand identity; logo, color palette, font selection, and styling.

Signs • Posters • Invitations

How will you advertise your business to the public eye?  Signs and posters are a great starting point! We will develop a creative selection of ready to print designs to aid towards your business marketing.  If you need professionally designed invitations for large events we can supply you with winning designs.

Menus • Brochures • Products

We can create innovative menus, brochures, and product designs that will separate your business from the rest of the competition.  Our creative team will formulate fresh next level designs that capitalize the best styles of modern-day graphic design.

Album • Book • Magazine Covers

We can fulfill all your publication needs from book to magazine covers, and album covers.  It’s hard to find a source you can trust when it comes to such an important piece of art and graphic design.  Create By Influence focuses on bringing a level and quality of design you will be fully amazed by.



Google Ads

Allow us to connect you to your customers through Google Ads.  We can get your ads on google search engines, YouTube, and other apps.  We will research and implement the best keywords to drive traffic and sales through your ad campaign.

With Google Ads you will see how many people are shown your ads, visit your website, or call your business.  You can even target specific types of people if your business is specialized.

Facebook Ads

The most proven method on converting new customers and generating sales 6 to 7 figures per year is none other than Facebook!  With more than 750 million active users, Facebook is easily the place you want to target and market your company, products, and services to!

With our expertise we can build winning ad campaigns that will put your product or service right in front of the winning audience and consumer.  Our methods are proven to convert new customers and generate new income to businesses.

Lead Generation

“In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.”

Struggling with selling your products or services?  We can fix the problem over night with our advanced lead generation techniques.  For a retainer monthly fee, we can provide up to 150+ new leads for your business!

Click Funnels

We will build you an expert level marketing funnel to drive valuable outcomes to and from your digital marketing campaigns.  These outcomes can include driving traffic to a contact page, product/services page, or bookings page for live web seminars etc.

Content Writing

Need help writing professional web content for your website?  We will research and use the best keywords possible in delivering strong figurative content that explains your online identity, products, or services.

Social Media Marketing

Need to grow your social media?  Allow us to promote and build your social media platforms while your business focuses on operating from the front end.  We have proven methods and strategies to grow companies on various social media platforms. Our methods have successfully driven new sales every day for businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will get your online presence ranked on google by altering the source code of your website to utilize the best keywords and descriptions for page ranking.  Being ranked on Google will be a huge factor on how well your website will convert traffic.  The more organic (natural) traffic you can convert to your website, the less you will potentially need to spend on ads.





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