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Top 3 Best Website Traffic Checkers


With around 576,000 websites going live every day, sustaining your site’s performance is not a walk in the park. Fortunately, there are tools that you can use — like a website traffic checker — to help improve your site’s traffic and even find out how your competitors’ sites are faring. Want to learn how this tool works, why you should use it, and what the top three best website traffic checkers are? Check out the following article!

Website Traffic Checker: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

With a website traffic checker, you can gain information about how users or visitors interact with your site. Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website? These include the visitors’ demographics, interests, the number of visitors, specific sources (such as backlinks, paid ads, or organic traffic), period of exposure to the source, SEO, keywords, and more valuable data.

As the website traffic checker shows the page performance, you can easily identify the pages that appeal to users the most and those that need to be improved or revamped. Knowing the user behavior also allows you to work on your bounce rates and apply the necessary changes to increase website traffic. From using better keywords and SEO to enhancing your content marketing strategies and knowing the most ideal time to post your content, a website traffic checker is more beneficial than you think.

A website traffic checker plays a major role in helping you monitor the performance of your competitor’s site too. You can learn which keywords they are ranking for or what channels give the most traffic to their site. By discovering their strengths and weaknesses and comparing your site’s traffic with theirs, you can come up with more effective digital campaigns and eventually increase your conversion rates.

Best Website Traffic Checkers

Now that you’ve seen how crucial a website traffic checker is to your site and your overall business performance, it’s time to learn the top three best website traffic checkers.

1. Similarweb

Similarweb offers a quick and easy way to learn your competitor’s site traffic and the channels that perform best. After choosing the website to analyze, you will see a thorough report of their overall traffic and traffic strategy, including the traffic per country. You will also have access to the engagement data, like the top sources of traffic, the total pages viewed per visit, and the minimum duration of visit.

You will discover the specific organic and paid keywords that drive traffic to the site, the display networks used, and the most valuable social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Then, you’ll find the top referring websites and a list of other sites that your competitor finds interesting.

Similarweb even provides you a list of the other sites that users visit the most. With the free version of this website traffic checker, you will gain beneficial traffic information, but they’re limited to five results for every metric, three-month web traffic data, and one-month app data. If you want a more detailed report, you can take advantage of their enterprise account.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush offers one of the best website traffic checker tools. By simply providing your competitor’s URL, you can gain comprehensive data of their site’s traffic. These include reports on their monthly traffic, traffic rank, and the distribution of traffic per country. With the Traffic Analytics feature, you will find out the site’s total number of visitors, unique visitors, the number of page views, the length of time spent, and the site’s bounce rate.

Meanwhile, the Bulk Traffic Analysis of SEMRush allows you to monitor different competitor’s traffic levels in one go. A maximum of 200 sites can be compared and analyzed according to your chosen plan. So, you can identify which sites drive the most traffic, develop a better overview of the industry you’re in, and plan how to increase website traffic.

SEMRush also lets you see the websites that send the most referral traffic, the locations that bring the most traffic, and the pages that are the most essential and effective. You can determine the user engagement and the traffic ratio between desktop and mobile devices. Then, you’ll learn the current digital campaigns of your competitors and the most active marketing and social platforms. You can even view your competitors’ expenses and connections. Given all these features, you’ll have a better idea of how to drive traffic to your website.

They offer a 14-day free trial period, allowing you to see the first 10 results of the site you choose to analyze. If you wish to utilize more features, you can try the pro, guru, or business plan, depending on your needs.

3. Serpstat

From being a simple keyword search platform, Serpstat has turned into a comprehensive analysis tool with different features to help evaluate sites’ traffic and overall performance. Among these features are rank tracking, site auditing, backlink analysis, and traffic checking for various websites.

Once you’ve created your account, you can take advantage of its free version by simply providing the site’s URL. Then, you’ll quickly see the traffic report, including the list of paid keywords driving the most traffic to the site. The organic keyword section will tell you how many are new, how many have declined or improved in ranking, and how many were lost.

You’ll also have access to the pages creating the most traffic and the number of visitors every month. With the trend data provided, you can see how the site’s performance has evolved in terms of traffic, keywords, and overall ranking.

Serpstat’s free version will allow you to get a fraction of the information for the site you’re trying to analyze. You can also use the premium plan for full access to the tool’s features.


Learning how to drive traffic to your website is not only about tracking its performance but also looking at your competitors. Website traffic checker tools like Similarweb, SEMRush, and Serpstat will help you achieve just that.

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