Create By Influence specializes in transforming businesses in the digital space. We aid in providing the digital strategy, services, and resources to streamline successful branding, digital development and marketing under one unique and custom solution for each client. If you know how good your product, service, or idea is… it should be your own due diligence to convey it in the best possible way. We can help your business scale digitally by achieving higher website conversions, using attractive branding, content driven strategy, and revenue focused marketing. When all the right things are successfully executed together, we guarantee a maximum long-term return on investment (ROI).

“Don’t take our word for it… just ask our clients!”

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How many pages does your website need?

Laying out the ground work is very important for a successful website project. By providing as much upfront info as possible our experts can put together the rest when putting together a proper price quote, proposal, and plan of action for your website project.

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What is the overall goal for your website?

We want to learn as much as we possibly can about your website project. Our team is dedicated to developing professional websites that display top tier branding, marketing, and consumer value!

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What unique features are important for your website?

In order for us to best visualize the direction of your website before a consultation, please select an option below for us to best understand what features are most important for your website.

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Will you be supplying our team with content for your website project?

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Would you like the entire user interface of your website to be made from scratch?

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If you answered no, would you be interested in a customized theme for your website?

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Describe Your Web Development Budget

By providing us with your web development budget we will able to provide you with the highest quality package based on what you are willing to invest for the online presence of your business or idea. Always keep in mind that the long term value of your website will forever outweigh the initial investment. Building a website that is able to convert and attract your target market and audience is very critical, which is why it's important to invest the proper time, money, and energy to ensure it holds true to it's value in the future.

Please also be mindful of the options you have selected through this quiz when specifying your budget for this project. Our ultimate goal is to give you the best outcome possible at a value that holds true for you and your business or idea.

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Interested in a budget friendly monthly plan for this project? (Note: This only applies to projects that have a budget of $2,000 or more.)

Any required frameworks for this project?

"In the world of web design, to give a more straightforward definition, a framework is defined as a package made up of a structure of files and folders of standardized code (HTML, CSS, JS documents etc.) which can be used to support the development of websites, as a basis to start building a site."

If you are unsure of this decision, do not hesitate to leave it blank and our experts will surely guide you through this decision.

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Do you currently own a domain or web hosting plan for this project?

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Will any legal writing be needed for your website?

"It effectively forms a contract between the site and the user. Terms and conditions often include an explanation or definition of key terms used in the terms, and outlines the legal limitations of responsibility of the website owner for any damages or harmed incurred during usage of the site."

It's important that the users of your website know their rights to prevent any rising legal matters in the future.

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In order to best understand the urgency of this project, please provide us with a time-span of when you would like to have this project completed.

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