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Blueberry Hall Film

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Blueberry Hall Film

Blueberry Hall Film

Ian’s golden ticket to Harvard Law School is winning the Debate National Championship but when funding falls through, he and his friends deal prescription drugs as they snowball into a world of crime.




  • Intelligent planning and layout for UX Design and Prototyping designed for seamless browsing, easy navigation, and filtering.
  • Crafted a conversational and genuine web copy. Our main goal was to write compelling and thought-provoking copies to get the audiences to watch the film.
  • Improved SEO to increase online presence and visibility.
  • Website development with great aesthetics. Showcased casts and soundtracks.




Blueberry Hall is an independent film that showcases the history of prescription drug abuse alongside the culture of debate. It was filmed in the state of Oklahoma and hopes to showcase the widespread phenomenon of a certain generation. 


Kesh Tyagi, the Director of the film, wants us to work on a single page web development project which showcases the overall feel of the movie. The website is a medium that uncovers the film’s synopsis to the world. We crafted a web copy that aims to spark the audience’s interest and curiosity. We integrated google analytics into the website to better understand them through quantitative data.


Highlighting the casts was first in line, it is very important when promoting a film. We also have a section dedicated to the soundtrack. Including the soundtrack in the website was very helpful in bringing the audiences to a completely different world of Blueberry Hall. 


Design Concept


The website’s overall concept and theme are all blueberry-inspired. The major colors are blue and deep purple which are the colors of blueberries. Blue stands for intelligence and logic. It evokes deep thoughts and encourages thinking. It speaks so much about the logic and emotion that is in Blueberry Hall.