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Corinthian Corsos

Corinthian Corsos

The Cane Corso is an ancient breed, direct descendant of the Roman Canis Pugnax, Roman War Dog of the first century. It was used in the battlefields as an auxiliary warrior and guardian. In the arenas, the Cane Corso was used to fight lions, bears, bulls, other wild animals and even gladiators. As times changed, so did the duties of the Cane Corso.




  • Comprehensive planning for UX Design and Prototyping engineered to give customers the best experience through seamless browsing, easy navigation, and filtering.
  • Crafted an engaging and well thought of web copy. A web copy is your 24/7 salesperson online, we made sure that it’s fully conversational and speaks the language of the customers. 
  • Our SEO services help increase their online visibility through improved search engine ranking. It’s powered by a dynamic approach to SEO. 
  • Improved overall website aesthetics through video animation and photo gallery.




Corinthian Corsos is a top Cane Corso Breeder based in Hochatown, Oklahoma. It all started with their AKC Grand Champion “Leonitis” which was the 1st ever Westminster Cane Corso. They won the Best in Breed Award. They have carried on this excellence by being selective with which dogs they allow in their program. 


One of the most important things in the pipeline was to develop a well-optimized gallery where they can showcase their world-class Cane Corsos on the site. They have always been so selective and thorough with their dog ownership process and we made sure that that is outlined and made known to the public. Our SEO services were very thorough from the get-go to make sure we drove more traffic to the site.


We also built an online form to cater applications which made their selection process easier. It’s mobile-friendly and very easy to navigate! Our main goal was to give the customers the best experience possible on the site.


Design Concept


Inspired by the world-class quality Corinthian Corso upholds, we opted for a modern and contemporary design. We used sleek gray tones as the main color of the site which stands for sophistication and elegance. Their previous website was outdated so we came in to develop an aesthetically pleasing website that’s fully optimized for conversions.