The Best Digital Consulting Services In New Jersey And Oklahoma

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Award-Winning Digital Consulting Agency Based In New Jersey With An Extended Branch In Oklahoma.

CREATE BY INFLUENCE specializes in helping businesses and brands find where they should exist digitally. Your digital assets include everything that connects you to an online audience like branding, websites, mobile apps, social platforms, digital marketing, and so on. As a part of our digital consulting services, we help you establish a strong brand presence and showcase your authority on any platform.

Our Plans Are Nearly Futureproof!

Here at CREATE BY INFLUENCE you will find a powerful presence of innovators and creative thinkers looking to make a difference. Each of our clients will receive a cutting-edge digital strategy that helps them meet their business acquisition goals.

We will bring all your ideas to life! Our creative process starts with your imagination. We are simply here to make sure these ideas are executed perfectly and have a strong impact on your target audience.

Nick did not stumble upon this career path, it chose him. As a former DeVry Alumni for web and graphic design, he matured his creative skills and discovered how he could service others due to the demand of technology. He realized there was a large number businesses that needed help with tech, which made the vision clear. He decided to make Create By Influence the very platform that would bridge the gap for business owners who struggle with technology. Nick values the needs of every client and is fully committed to bringing them long term success. Create By Influences fills the missing pieces by systemizing all digital assets from your brand message, website, marketing, sales, social media, and more.


CEO & Founder

Steven displays great enthusiasm and passion in maintaining the operations and structural path for Create By Influence and all client relations. He makes sure the day to day tasks and communication between the team and clients is completely systemized and organized so that the quality of service is always considered first class. Aside from managing operations, Steven is very knowledgeable and devoted to learning new skills that further improve the customer experience for all of the digital services Create By Influence has to offer.


Vice President

Maryam contributes world-class skills in the form of graphic design, creative branding, and corporate marketing strategies. She fully understands how to translate a brand message and capture the hearts of consumers at any level. Maryam also plays a vital role in our teams success and has acquired us valuable client relationships with her expertise.


Creative Marketing Director

Danielle knows how to break down 4th wall and condense your message in a way that will get your customers quenching for more content!


“I’ve learned that creating social media content is more than an image and a well-written post. Social media writing is a different beast. You must be willing to always keep your audience in mind and be willing to sometimes break the rules of writing when necessary.”


Social Media Manager and Copywriter

Manoj is the definition of “full stack” web developer. There is nothing this man can’t do in terms of coding, programming, and creating aesthetically pleasing websites that convert traffic. Manoj exceeds the expectations of all website projects.  His skills and passion is seen throughout all his work. From your local bakery to your fortune 500 enterprise, he has the portfolio to back it up. We call him our “rare goose”.


Full Stack Web Developer

Waleed has 20+ years of experience in developing world-class mobile applications, custom management systems, and many other custom engineered software solutions for the use of our clients and Create By Influence. He is highly motivated on building successful projects and long-term solutions for our clients. In the past year, Waleed has successfully led the projects of 3 mobile applications in the Salon, Fitness, and Education industries.


Full Stack Software Developer

Crystal brings the creative touch to design for projects both large and small. We have certain projects that come in and we know without blinking when Crystal will be assigned to lead that specific project. From branding and logos to award winning user interface design, Crystal brings boutique level talent to the table every single time!


Content Creator, Creative Media & Digital Design

Lorenzo is a true marketing expert when it comes to running Facebook ads that convert high ROI results for our clients. He has scaled client ad spends of up to $80k or more per month on various digital advertising platforms and has the ability scale and understand data at a world-class marketer level. When our clients want to spend big on digital advertising, we know Lorenzo is ready to cook up your next winning ad campaign like it just came out of the brick oven!


Digital Marketing Specialist