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Why CBI Focuses on Organic Traffic and SEM Over Pushing Paid Ads


Determining the best route of marketing can be a little tricky if you’re unfamiliar with how to drive organic traffic to your business or brand. There are a lot of key factors that play roles in how SEO reaches consumers worldwide. When it comes to choosing between organic search engine marketing (SEM) and paid ads, there’s a drastic difference in how it may impact the growth of your ROI.

Organic Growth VS Forced Growth Via Paid Ads

Paid ads do have their benefits. Sometimes they seem like a quick way to pick up a few new customers and bring awareness to your brand. However, a lot of platforms like Instagram or Facebook use paid ads to bring minimal or quick attention to your account or website. Paid ads that force growth can generate likes, comments, and even a few clicks. However, they’re not sustainable in bringing you long-lasting connections.

The difference between using SEM and organic traffic versus the standard paid ad on a social media platform is that forced growth from paid ads doesn’t tend to bring you organic traffic. They use whatever digital content you’re choosing to promote and put it in front of a selected audience. Then, it’s only available to users that utilize their app or platform.

SEM utilizes SEO to promote your website and your business by bringing attention to it through search engine results. This means that your visibility is increased on search engines like Google. The people clicking on your website are potential consumers that are directly looking for products and services in your niche. This can help create organic growth and drive real customers to your website.

How SEM Helps Build a Strong Foundation

Reputation is everything in the marketing industry. Consumers who are shopping for food, household items, or any product in what feels like unlimited categories online want to shop with a business that has real reviews and creates a personal connection. SEM can showcase your business strengths. It allows potential consumers to see the benefits of choosing to buy from you or pay for a service.

This type of digital marketing allows you to become an authority on search engines by following strategic custom plans. Use the foundation of your business to grow a reputable and healthy connection with consumers. SEM runs hand in hand with organic traffic by bringing you real people that are searching for SEO keywords that define your business or brand’s identity. This allows you to build a community rather than a simple client base. It enables you to create long-term returning relationships with customers.

Content Matters

Truthfully, the content you put out there matters. It’s more complex than following the latest trends and our CBI experts understand that. We use SEM and organic marketing before using paid ads. We can reach your targeted audience with genuine content. Rather than pointing out what passing trend is successful at the moment, we use holistic content to approach potential consumers. This provides an authentic appearance and can help create a sense of transparency or truth-worthiness to users scrolling through your website.

At the end of the day, SEM and organic marketing have proven results and success in growing your brand. They bring you the ideal consumer and can turn cold traffic into hot traffic. This brings you more business, allows you to turn hot traffic into a repeating customer, and increases the positivity surrounding your reputation.

Want to learn more about how our organic strategies can increase your ROI with proven results? Schedule a free marketing consultation today.

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