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When you’re aiming for long-term growth you need a Digital Marketing Agency with unique expertise that will help you convert leads into customers, retain your existing customer base, and improve sales and revenue.

More cost-effective than hiring In-House

Get a full digital marketing agency for the cost of one in-house employee.

Month-to-Month (No Long-term contracts)

We build our relationships off of trust and full transparency.

Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions

We provide digital tailored solutions to your industry goals.

Revenue Driven Approach

We work with you to achieve revenue goals by utilizing industry-leading technologies.

Cheaper than hiring In-House

Why pay one in-house employee, when you can get a full marketing team available remotely.

Why pay one in-house employee, when you can get a full marketing team available remotely.


The average salary of a Marketing Executive in the United States is $51,582 annually. (Indeed) To run your marketing team, you need to hire a Digital Marketing Specialist, a Copywriter, Graphic Designer, SEO Specialists, Developer, and more to add up.


The cost of training, health insurance, workers’ compensation, vacation pay, time off, and sick days are not included. Aside from that, you will have to provide a facility that’s conducive for working. You will also need to pay for various equipment and tools. Turnover will cost you 33% of the employees’ annual salary to hire a replacement when they quit (EBN).


Working with an Experienced Digital Marketing Agency will save you up from all these headaches. With CBI, you will only need to worry about one flat rate while enjoying the peacefulness and security of having a whole team of experts working for you.


Not only will it save you money but it will also save you time. It will help you focus on the more important things instead. Think about innovation, business breakthroughs, and client relationships while we take care of the marketing for you. 


Investing in the right marketing team from the beginning will help you save money and make a major difference in your business in the long run.

Month-to-Month (No Long-term contracts)

No long-term commitments, binding contracts - no surprises!

We provide short-term or ongoing services without long-term commitments. 


Many agencies ask you to sign up for an annual or 6-month trial so that they can ‘promote’ your brand in quick-click mannerisms. That’s not our game and not our goal.


We schedule an onboarding call with you on the day you select one of our plans. We sit down to thoroughly plan out and create a campaign that targets your specific goals. This allows our marketing department to highlight your priorities. We stick to what makes your brand stand out and build a relationship founded on trust.


By working with you on a month-to-month basis, you’re able to learn how our marketing department works in order to bring you a return. This enables us to earn your trust. It also reduces overhead expenses, meaning you get what you pay for and more. Our cost-efficient model allows you to scale while breaking down the analytics that can be so hard to understand. Each week or month – whatever works best for your schedule – we’ll sit down and go over the numbers. We’ll look at direct traffic versus marketed traffic, cold and hot leads, and how everything is impacting your ROI.


Our team will constantly monitor your campaign to bring awareness to any content that’s not meeting standards. We’ll adjust it so that we can meet your business goals while keeping you informed. 

Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions

Specializing in creating highly-performing websites.

With millions of active websites around the world, the only question that you will have to ask yourself is “How do I keep myself ahead of the game?”


Whether you have an existing brand or you’re at the beginning stages, we will transform your website into a lead generation tool to maximize your ROI. 


Building a highly-performing website means looking at all the possible factors that can help increase traffic on the site. We are not only focused on building a good-looking website and creating engaging content but we also give importance primarily to your Search-engine ranking.


Why is this important?


Most of us would definitely agree on checking reviews first before purchasing something online, that’s the least we can do. As a website with a good Search ranking, that gives you a crystal clear chance of being discovered by a potential client. 


SEO is a continuous and tedious process, where we have to look at several different key factors to secure a place in the digital world. Here at CBI, we have competent digital marketing specialists, who all are masters in their craft. From content curation to search engine optimization, we will work together to build you a high-performing website.


We also focus on working with you, one-on-one, to create a customized plan to help you get more traffic, sell more products/services, and acquire more customers via Facebook, Google, and Instagram.


CBI will bring your brand to life or breathe new life into an existing one. Our mission is to deliver marketing services that will reach your target audience and increase your bottom line.

Revenue Driven Approach

Our team is focused on achieving and surpassing your goals by helping you achieve the maximum impact with your marketing dollars.

The competition in establishing a reputable brand has skyrocketed through the years. To compete with the ever-changing trend, you will need a solid plan and detailed strategies on how to make headway despite the competition. This is when CBI comes in, here at CBI we are passionate about helping your business propel. 


Propelling can be risky, if you don’t do it right, it may push you in the wrong direction. That is why we are here to guide you. Through years of experience in the industry, we will help you layout all the possibilities and will custom-create a marketing strategy that’s unique for your business. This will help you scale in this age of digital transformation. 


We are an agency that fully understands the importance of building a level of brand awareness and unique identity. We are in it for the long term. We will not just help you in generating solid leads but will also help establish your brand awareness.


Our goal is to help you establish yourself in the market. We focus on helping you generate revenue that will not just help you thrive for the time being but will help you generate continuous ROI.

Put Your Business Light Years Ahead Of Your Competitors By Partnering With CBI Digital Marketing Agency.

Put Your Business Light Years Ahead Of Your Competitors By Partnering With CBI.

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Innovate, realistic, problem-solving methods that offer one on one consulting and digital marketing agency for all of your digital branding needs.

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CBI Digital Marketing Agency provided digital success for numerous niches and industries.

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