Paving Success: On Time Mini Mix Advertising Triumph

In a strategic collaboration, Create By Influence partnered with On Time Mini Mix, a leading concrete delivery service, for an advertising venture. The campaign, executed with a total spend of $16,600, yielded impressive results, including 107 leads, 393 phone calls, and a notable cost per conversion of $68.06. The true triumph lies in the campaign’s ability to stay well below the target range, accomplishing a cost-effective acquisition strategy for On Time Mini Mix.

The On Time Mini Mix case study serves as an exemplar in demonstrating that success is not just about numbers but about strategic efficiency. By not only meeting but surpassing the target acquisition cost, this campaign showcases the meticulous planning and execution by Create By Influence. The 393 phone calls indicate a strong engagement and interest in On Time Mini Mix’s services, turning the campaign not just into a numbers game but a genuine interaction with potential clients. This case study stands as a testament to the art of precision in advertising, where every lead and every call contribute significantly to the overall success of the campaign.

On Time Mini Mix

Philadelphia, PA

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