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We’ve partnered up with to transform real estate. Learn more

We’ve partnered up with to transform real estate. Learn more

Welcome to the Future of Real

Estate and Mortgage Services

Introducing the Qoretx SaaS Platform

As an exclusive partner of Qoretx, CBI is proud to present a revolutionary SaaS solution specifically designed for the real estate sector. The Qoretx SaaS Platform is engineered to seamlessly integrate the roles of Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Loan Officers, providing a suite of powerful tools that enhance productivity, improve client interactions, and streamline daily operations.

For Real Estate Agents (M4REA)

Empower Your Real Estate Practice

Real Estate Agents are at the heart of property transactions. The Qoretx Platform empowers agents with advanced tools that simplify client management, property listings, and communication:

For Mortgage Loan Officers (M4L)

Revolutionize Your Lending Processes

Mortgage Loan Officers play a critical role in facilitating real estate purchases. The Qoretx Platform equips MLOs with robust tools designed to enhance loan processing and client financial assessments:

CBI's Marketing Edge

Leveraging CBI’s expertise in digital marketing, users of the Qoretx Platform can expect enhanced visibility and lead generation:

Join Us and Transform Your Real Estate or Mortgage Business

Embrace the power of the Qoretx SaaS Platform and gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced real estate market. With support from CBI’s marketing experts, watch your productivity soar and client satisfaction reach new heights.

Are You Ready to get started?

Ready to revolutionize your real estate or mortgage services? Contact us today to learn more about how the Qoretx SaaS Platform can transform your business operations.

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