Case Study

G Buys Philly

Real Estate Investing & Wholesaling
Facebook Ads Case Study

Company Background:

Greg Guzman, owner of G Buys Philly has 20+ years of experience in buying properties. He operates with experience, integrity, and respect at all times. Greg is well known in this industry and takes pride in his reputation.What differentiates him from other investors is his ability to handle any issue and guarantee a successful closing. The seller will always receive what they were promised on the date that was agreed on.

The Strategy:

Our first step was to analyze the target market as to its scope. We targeted motivated sellers for our clients real estate wholesaling business. This helped our Ad reach the right audiences and, therefore, generate more qualified leads which converted into more closed deals.

The Results:

In the case study above, our client G Buys Philly made $10k return on investment from a deal he closed from running his Facebook ads with CBI. Our team had the pleasure of helping to scale this business digitally because it had zero online presence initially.

From a successful re-brand to a streamlined website, email, and paid advertising strategy our client has doubled his deal flow in the first year of working with us. Next year, we plan to triple those numbers as we tap into more creative ways to scale in his market.