Revolutionizing Exteriors: Red Oak Home Exteriors Campaign Showcase

In a dynamic collaboration with Create By Influence, Red Oak Home Exteriors, a leader in window and exterior services, embarked on a transformative advertising journey. The strategic implementation of Search Engine Advertising saw a spend of $9,910, yielding 61 conversions at a commendable $162 cost per conversion. Concurrently, the impactful Social Media Advertising initiative accounted for a $51,187.87 spend, resulting in an impressive 710 leads and a staggering 337,721 impressions on the social media audience. The consistently reasonable cost per conversion underscores the success of this diversified approach, positioning Red Oak Home Exteriors as a trailblazer in the realm of lead acquisition.

This campaign not only paints a vivid picture of advertising efficiency but also highlights the potency of a well-integrated strategy. Red Oak Home Exteriors’ commitment to a diversified approach, utilizing both Search Engine and Social Media Advertising, showcases a forward-thinking perspective in the industry. The significant impressions on social media underline not just the quantity but the quality of brand exposure. The success of this campaign not only positions Red Oak Home Exteriors as an industry frontrunner but also sets a precedent for leveraging various channels for optimal lead acquisition and audience engagement.

Red Oak Exteriors

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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