Windowing Success: The Window Nerd Campaign

Create By Influence’s partnership with The Window Nerd, a distinguished window replacement company, yielded exceptional results. The campaign, executed with a total marketing spend of $18,200, garnered 113 conversions and 183 phone calls, boasting a remarkable 50% close rate at a cost of $161 per conversion. Significantly, each lead was secured below the target requirement of $600 per marketing spend, underscoring the campaign’s efficiency and profitability. The Window Nerd campaign stands as a testament to the efficacy of targeted strategies and cost-effective lead acquisition in the real estate trades industry.

These results signify more than mere metrics; they translate into tangible business growth and client success. By obtaining leads under the specified target cost, Create By Influence not only showcased its proficiency in digital marketing but also ensured a strong return on investment for The Window Nerd. The 50% close rate underscores the quality of leads acquired, emphasizing the strategic precision of the campaign. This success story illustrates how a tailored, data-driven approach can not only meet but surpass client expectations, providing a blueprint for future endeavors in the real estate industry.

The Window Nerd

Pipersville, PA

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