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We’ve partnered up with to transform real estate. Learn more

We’ve partnered up with to transform real estate. Learn more

Pacific Tax Pros – Tax Preparation and Financial Services

Company Background:

Pacific Tax Pros, based in Pasadena, CA, leverages over 25 years of combined experience in individual and corporate taxes. The firm prides itself on building enduring client relationships, founded on confidentiality and trust, which remain the backbone of their operations.

Strategy Implementation:

In preparation for an aggressive digital marketing campaign, CBI conducted thorough market and competition analysis for Pacific Tax Pros. This process included structuring targeted campaigns and retargeting strategies across Google, Facebook, and Instagram, coupled with extensive research to identify optimal SEO keywords and compelling ad copy.

Innovative Growth:

Under CBI’s guidance, Mike Steverson, CEO of Pacific Tax Pros, embraced a proactive approach to digital marketing. With our consulting, Mike produced engaging video content that aligned with strategic digital marketing methods recommended by our team. This content played a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility and engagement across platforms.

Campaign Results:

  • Budget and Scope: With a modest ad spend of $3,734 over four months.
  • New Client Acquisition: The campaign effectively acquired 80 new clients, achieving a cost per acquisition (CPA) of $46.68.
  • Marketing Mix: Utilizing a mix of Google PPC for direct conversions (website appointments/phone calls) and Facebook/Instagram ads for retargeting and brand awareness.
  • Return on Ad Spend: The campaign yielded a 4.3X return on ad spend, translating to an additional $16,000 in revenue for Mike.

Long-Term Impact and Client Feedback:

Encouraged by these results, Mike plans to significantly increase his marketing investment, aiming for a 10X return next year. He has expressed profound gratitude for the productive relationship and trust developed with CBI, highlighting the strategic insights and hands-on guidance that have enabled his firm to not only double but aim to triple its revenue. Additionally, the introduction of recurring accounting and bookkeeping services has allowed Pacific Tax Pros to elevate their business model to new heights, providing more consistent revenue streams and further solidifying client relationships.

Looking Ahead:

Pacific Tax Pros continues to collaborate with CBI to refine and expand their marketing strategies, ensuring sustainable growth and continued success in the competitive tax preparation and financial services market.

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