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We’ve partnered up with to transform real estate. Learn more

We’ve partnered up with to transform real estate. Learn more

Scaling Mortgage Lending Operations: A Case Study on Jersey Mortgage Guy’s Success with CBI’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Jersey Mortgage Guy came to us with a desire to scale his mortgage lending operation through digital marketing. We implemented a comprehensive strategy that utilized aggressive lead generation tactics with Google PPC, SEO, and brand building social media marketing. With our help, Jersey Mortgage Guy was able to significantly increase the number of leads he was generating, which ultimately led to increased business growth. He was able to open up more branches and hire more loan officers to support his growing business.

Throughout our engagement, we tracked key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. We regularly communicated with Jersey Mortgage Guy to ensure he was up-to-date on our progress and any changes we made to our strategy to target the correct audiences. Our strategy was highly effective, resulting in a significant increase in traffic to his website and lead generation.

In addition to the lead generation tactics and marketing strategies we implemented for Jersey Mortgage Guy, we also emphasized the importance of workflows and automation in streamlining their operations. By automating certain tasks, such as lead nurturing and follow-up, we were able to improve their overall efficiency and productivity. We implemented a CRM system that allowed them to manage and track leads, as well as automate certain follow-up actions, such as emails and phone calls.

This not only saved the team time and effort, but it also ensured that no leads slipped through the cracks. We worked with Jersey Mortgage Guy to customize their workflows and automate as much of their lead management process as possible. This allowed them to focus on what they do best – closing loans – while we took care of the rest. The result was a more streamlined, efficient, and effective operation that allowed Jersey Mortgage Guy to scale their business and achieve their growth goals.

Jersey Mortgage Guy

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