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We’ve partnered up with to transform real estate. Learn more

We’ve partnered up with to transform real estate. Learn more

Transforming Lead Generation for The Window Nerd: A Success Story with Create By Influence

Introduction: The Window Nerd, a premier window replacement company, faced the challenge of efficiently acquiring high-quality leads within a reasonable marketing budget.

Challenge: The Window Nerd needed to streamline their lead acquisition process to ensure cost-effectiveness while maintaining the quality of the leads generated.

Solutions: Create By Influence stepped in to address this challenge by implementing a targeted Paid Advertising strategy, optimizing ad spend for maximum efficiency. This approach included:

  • Utilizing Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Advertising to precisely target the right audience.
  • Continuous optimization of ad campaigns to maximize return on investment.

Results: From June 2022 to January 2024, the campaign yielded impressive results:

  • Total Marketing Spend: $18,200
  • Phone Calls Generated: 183
  • Conversions: 113
  • Cost per Conversion: $161
  • 50% Close Rate from Conversions

Key Takeaways:

  • Each lead was acquired at a cost well below the target requirement of $600 per marketing spend.
  • The strategic approach resulted in a 50% close rate, showcasing the high quality of the acquired leads.
  • Efficient use of the marketing budget led to a highly profitable campaign for The Window Nerd.


“Partnering with Create By Influence has been a game-changer for us. Their strategic advertising approach not only brought in high-quality leads but also did so within our budget. The results speak for themselves – we’ve seen a significant increase in conversions and overall profitability. Highly recommended!”
— Wayne Young, Owner of The Window Nerd

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